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BLUP figures - the numbers explained
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CALVING VALUE An economic value which rates bulls in terms of their effect on the calving of their
progeny. A higher positive Calving Value is associated with a shorter gestation length and an easier calving.
200 DAY MILK (Kg Liveweight) Higher positive values indicate higher milk yields and better
maternal ability.
200 DAY GROWTH (Kg Liveweight) Higher positive values indicate faster growth to 200 days.
400 DAY GROWTH (Kg Liveweight) Higher positive values indicate faster growth to 400 days.
MUSCLING SCORE (points of muscling score) Animal’s muscling measured at 400 days. Higher
positive values indicate greater muscling. Approximately two points are equal to one EU Carcass conformation
MUSCLE DEPTH (mm of muscle depth) This is an objective measure of an animal’s muscling and is
measured ultrasonically. Higher positive values indicate more muscling.
FAT DEPTH (mm backfat) Fat Depth is measured ultrasonically at 400 days. Higher negative values
indicate a leaner Carcass.
BEEF VALUE This is the assessment of the economic genetic merit of an animal to produce a Carcass
demanded by the market in terms of weight, conformation and fat composition. The more positive the Beef
Value the better the Carcass meets the current demands.
ACCURACY Accuracy reflects the amount of information used. The higher the accuracy the lower the
chances of the EBV changing with new data.
INDEX The index value indicates how the bull rates within the breed, with the average being 100.
EBVs are available for animals recorded through Signet Beefbreeder. Over 20 breeds have
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