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Moocall Heat

Moocall HEAT is a collar that is worn by a stock or a teaser / vasectomised bull. Moocall eartags are attached to all cows and heifers. The collar then uses cow/bull proximity, mounting behaviour and bull activity levels to determine to an extremely high level of accuracy when a cow or a heifer is in heat. 

What it tells you:

  • The exact time cows or heifers are in heat
  • Whether a cow or a heifer repeats
  • Due dates, and when you can assume a cow or heifer is pregnant
  • Cow fertility over time

The Benefits of Moocall HEAT:

  • Identify non cycling cows within 3-4 weeks
  • Get alerted of every standing heat if you are using a vasectomized bull for AI
  • Identify breeding bull fertility issues within 4-5 weeks
  • Get alerted if bull activity changes (possible lame bull)
  • Identify empty cows quicker
  • For each cow / heifer - know when they are in-calf and due dates automatically recorded. 
  • All information automatically inputted into the BREEDMANAGER herd management mobile app. 

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Eurogene AiServices - official distributors of "Moocall HEAT" in Munster & Galway.